About & History

Excellence in Property Development

Clarendon is a privately owned international property investment company, jointly owned by Tony Leonard and Paddy McKillen.  Although based in Ireland, Clarendon has a well established presence in the United Kingdom and the United States. The international character of our business has led to an impressive portfolio in some of the world’s most prized and lucrative locations.

Clarendon and our in house team boast a wealth of expertise, and a history of seeking out opportunities to add real value to our investments. This is done by securing property in some of the world’s most commercially attractive locations whilst paying attention to the details of each project to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for all stakeholders, whilst also ensuring maximum profitability.

Clarendon’s in house teams of Development, Asset Management, Property Management and Finance are encouraged to develop strong relationships with our property users by using a ‘hands on’ approach. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our stakeholders, and it is through this approach that Clarendon has enjoyed many years of commercial success and vibrant growth.

What We Do


Our retail portfolio consists of properties in high quality locations and includes Shopping Centres, Superstores, stand-alone stores. Location has a significant impact on the success of any retail property. All of the retail properties are in urban/city centre locations.


As with our retail portfolio, the location of an office portfolio is key to it’s success and ours are all in prime locations. We supplement this with hands on property management covering everything from estate services to the development of new buildings.

Joint Ventures

We have a number of retail investment projects with joint venture partners which allow us to enhance our financial capability while taking advantage of new opportunities.


We have in-house expertise in all aspects of the development process from planning and design to project management. Our approach and focus is on occupier needs and our knowledge of the real estate market.

Sectors & Locations

  • Development
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Our Strategy

Investing in and maintaining assets which protect and grow capital values for the medium to long term.