Our People

Tony Leonard

Tony co-founded Clarendon in 1996 and has been a full time executive since incorporation. He possesses many years experience in retail management and has overall responsibility for the firm’s business activities, performance and future strategies.

Paddy McKillen

Paddy co-founded Clarendon in 1996 and he has been instrumental in expansion of the company since its formation. Paddy brings with him extensive international experience in the property development sector.

John P. Bourke – Non-executive Chairman

John was appointed to the Board as Chairman in 1997. He is a former Managing Director of Bank of Ireland and he has held positions with the TSB Group in London as well as Chairman of Irish Life & Permanent PLC.

George McLellan – Company Secretary

George was appointed to the Board as Company Secretary in 1997. He is responsible for the operational property management team including legal, leasing and human resources.

Alan Leonard – UK Director

Alan was appointed to the Board in 2007. He manages the firm’s UK investment portfolio as well as the Group’s treasury and currency operations.

Dan O’Sullivan – Finance Director

Dan was appointed to the Board in 2009. He oversees the operational team involved with finance, treasury and taxation matters.

Mike Murphy – Director at Clarendon USA

Mike was appointed to the board in 2006. As our presence in North America continues to grow, Mike manages our US portfolio from Clarendon’s US head office in Boston.

Lisa McGrane – Asset Management Director

Ronan Dowling – Development Director